Wartrol Reviews

Hello! I am Kevin and I welcome you to my latest post about Wartrol. If you’re already reading this, there’s a high possibility that you’re pretty much aware of what wartrol is all about. But then again, maybe you have chosen to read my post because you’re looking to figure out whether wartrol is indeed worth a shot. Maybe you’re reading this because you want to know whether the product actually helps you in getting rid of warts. Well, in that case, this detailed Wartrol review is definitely going to help you. I have shared my personal experience in this review, so it is going to be completely unbiased. I am not going to promote it unnecessarily or raise your hopes with false promises. So if you’re looking to know more about the product- here’s all that you need to know.


What is wartrol?


Wartrol is a one of the best remedies for treating warts in both men and women. Though it specifically works on removing your genital warts, most individuals diagnosed by this skin ailment on other parts of their body, have been equally benefitted from this solution. Wartrol is probably one of the best options for people who are looking to get rid of warts without investing in a costly surgery or highly expensive medicine. The product is formulated from natural ingredients and it does not leave any side effect on your skin. In case you’re still wondering whether you should invest in this product- here is a quick scoop on my personal experience with it.


What kind of warts does wartrol treat?


Although wartrol is specifically designed for treating genital warts, you can definitely use it for treating the various other kinds of warts like common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, filiform warts and peringual warts. Here’s a detailed scoop on warts that wartrol treats.


Common warts- These warts are usually found on your toes and fingers. But in some cases, you might even find them elsewhere on your body. These warts come with a relatively rough and grainy appearance with a round top. The common warts are usually found to be lighter than the skin around it. Wartrol can treat your common warts right away.


Plantar warts- Plantar warts, popularly known as the Verruca’s’ is, a kind of warts that develop on the plantar area of your body. The plantar area refers to the bottom or the soles of your feet. Now, the pressure of standing normally or walking normally, apparently forces the warts into the skin. This can even make the warts quite painful. Like all other regular warts, the plantar warts are absolutely harmless. However, these warts do not grow on the surface of your skin like other warts; they rather grow into your skin. Plantar wart can be identified by small holes at the bottom part of your foot which is further set around hard skin. These warts make it extremely difficult for you to walk. In fact, in some cases the warts may simply go away without any proper treatment at all. However, in some cases, these warts are extremely painful and they can hardly be ignored. When it comes to treating plantar warts, you will hardly find an option better than wartrol.


Flat warts- These warts are found to grow on your thigh, arm or face. They are extremely small in their appearance and there is a high possibility that you don’t notice it immediately. As evident from the name, these warts come with a flat top and it almost appears as if the skin has been scraped at that part. These warts can be pinkish, yellowish or even brownish in their appearance. You can always use wartrol for treating your flat warts.


Filiform warts- These warts are found to grow from the sides of your nose and mouth. At times, they can also be found on your neck, or right at the bottom of your chin. These warts are extremely small and have an appearance of a tiny flap or skin. A filiform wart usually comes in the original color of your skin. In case you’re suffering from filiform warts, apply wartrol for a quick solution.


Periungual warts- These warts are found to grow along your fingernails and toenails. They are excruciating and are also likely to affect your nail growth. You can use wartrol for treating your peringual warts.


Genital Warts- Genital warts are the small outgrowths of skin that are found in the mucus membrane of your genital areas. They may also be found in you penis, vagina, urethra and along the layers of the cervix and anus. These warts are contagious and they are transmitted sexually. Unprotected sex, might lead to this deadly sexually transmitted infection. Apart from that, it might also be transmitted by mouth, vagina or the anus. If you are sexually active from a pretty early age, have multiple sexual partners, use tobacco and alcohol on a regular basis, you are likely to be affected by this infection. Wartrol can be used for treating genital warts.


My personal experience with Wartrol


Considering the immense issues warts bring forth, I was looking for a perfect and completely natural solution to reduce warts. I had tried several ointments and home remedies in the past, but the results never lived up to my expectations. It was then when my friend recommended me Wartrol, further adding how immensely beneficial it had been for her. Owing to her constant persistence, I finally decided to try the product. I won’t lie. I was quiet sceptical even before I started using it. But after using it as per the recommended instructions, there was absolutely no looking back for me.


To begin with, one of the best things that I loved about the product was that it didn’t cause me any pain. Unlike other ointments and natural remedies which seemed to cause a burning sensation when applied to my face, feet or genital parts- this solution didn’t cause any irritation of discomfort. I was particularly wary about using it as I was suffering from genital warts. But right after applying the solution, all it did was soothe my pain. I kept on doing it twice a day, and my skin infection was alleviated faster than I had thought of.


Another reason why I specifically love this product is simply because it does not leave any side effect on my skin. Usually, a solution which is concerned with wart removal is likely to leave some side effect or the other. This even holds true for the surgeries that guarantee too reduce warts faster than ever. I have been suffering from warts for significant chunk of time, and I was absolutely tired of the side effects left by leading wart removal products. I wouldn’t lie. When I first started using wartrol, I wasn’t even sure if it could help me. But soon after using it, I realized that it does not leave any side effect at all. Furthermore, the solution also ensures that my skin resumes its original, smooth and healthy texture. Besides using it, I have also thoroughly studied about the product and I feel this smoothness is owing to the natural ingredients that go into making the product. I loved the fact that wartrol did not merely work on my genital warts, but it also treated the warts from my face and feet. Although wartrol review and my friends’ recommendation compelled me to buy this product, I realized that the reviews and the lauding about this product are completely viable considering the massive impact it leaves.


While using the product, I also liked the fact that it was available at an affordable price. Unlike surgeries and other home remedy kits that cost an unbelievable amount of money, this product is available at a very reasonable rate. I could easily buy it and use it due to this reason.


I used it for almost one and a half weeks until my warts disappeared completely. So here is one disclaimer that you should consider- if you are looking for a miraculous product that will treat your warts almost immediately; wartrol is definitely not the product for you. This is an established and reliable product, and it takes time to come up with the results. Once you start using this, it will take almost one to two weeks to get rid of your warts completely. But then again, the final results are spectacular and I would definitely recommend this product to one and all.


How to apply wartrol?


Wartrol is a homeopathic drug, and you need to use it sensitively. This is primarily because there are several external substances that can affect its overall effectiveness and if mishap is to occur, it might meddle with the effectiveness of the entire product. Due to this reason, it is advised that you refrain from eating anything at least half an hour before and after you take this medicine. It is also suggested that you take the medicine at least thrice a day. This will further ensure that your body fights off all the deadly effects of HPV, quickly and easily. While using Wartrol, make sure that the applicator via which you use it is completely clean from external substances. This will help the product to work faster. Wartrol current comes in the variant of spray which is to be sprayed right under your tongue. Once you spray it, the ingredients will pass into your bloodstream faster and easier than it would have, if sprayed it directly in your mouth. Here are some key facets that you should always remember while taking wartrol-


  • Do not eat anything before and after you take the medicine. Also, ensure that the applicator you use is completely clean.


  • Never spray the medication directly in your mouth. Always point it under your tongue. Also, while you take the medication, make sure that your mouth is completely clean.


  • Do not use this medication more than thrice a day. This will not ease your pain and might even reverse the effects.


  • Do not take this medication if you are already taking medicines for blood thinning. In this case, it would be best to consult your doctor as wartrol comes with some minor blood thinning elements like Ginko Boloba.


  • Always consult your physician if you are experiencing a chronic medical ailment like heart issues.


  • If you are nursing your baby or are pregnant, do not use wartrol.


Consider using wartrol only after keeping the mentioned things in mind. Furthermore, there are also some additional symptoms that you might incur. I personally experienced these symptoms, and I will give you a detailed scoop about my timeline. However, as I already told you, these are my personal results and they might not be the same for all. Everyone experiences their individual healing process and this process is usually based on your age, your health condition, the severity of the infection and your commitment towards treating it.


I started using wartrol when I first noticed flat outgrowths on my skin. Initially, they were extremely difficult to identify. However, with the passage of time, they took a bigger shape and started erupting like a cauliflower. The growth made me extremely uncomfortable and I therefore decided to use wartrol.


When I used wartrol the first day, I did not notice any marked difference besides the fact that the pain was ameliorated, albeit temporarily. However, after using the product for a week, I realized that the discomfort was eventually reliving itself. Likewise, I also noticed that the symptoms to be tad more tolerable. In order to distract myself, I indulged in heavy to light exercises, while also taking a large amount of fluid every day. I further took supplements like Echinacea and vitamin C and made it a point to keep my day as stress free as possible.


After about three weeks, the entire discomfort surrounding the warts disappeared. Three more weeks later, the growths seemed to reduce in their overall size. While I say this, do keep in mind that this is concerning genital warts. My issues with warts on face and skin were reduced almost within two weeks after applying the product. For genital warts, however, it took me about three months before the traces of these warts disappeared completely. I can now proudly state that I am symptom free and the entire thing feels amazing.


Also, while you opt for this treatment, I would like to remind you that early treatment works best. Initially I tried ignoring these small symptoms and I had to regret a lot about it. But now that I am cured completely, I can look back at the struggles that I have undergone and I’m not scared of it either. I can definitely say that I controlled this ailment as soon as I could, and overcame the problem quickly and easily. If you’re looking to try this treatment like me, I would recommend you to take ample care of yourself throughout the entire process.


Pros of using wartrol


There are several advantages that wartrol comes with. Some of them are listed below.


Pain free- One of the primary reasons why I would recommend you to avail this treatment is simply because it is pain free. Unlike other ointments and herbal remedies that bring forth a burning sensation right after you apply them, wartrol does not come with any side effects. In fact, one of the best reasons why you should actually use it is because it ameliorates the pain of the symptoms, very quickly.


Highly effective- Wartrol is highly effective in treating warts, primarily because it is made from natural ingredients. The medication incorporates the benefits of Ayurveda, homeopathy and advanced bio technology to avail the best solution. The combination will help you come up with an entirely new alternative medicine that will not only provide quick relief of the tedious symptoms, but will also strengthen the potential of your body’s immunity system. This procedure will oxygenate the cells of your body, improve the immunity, increase the defence of the cells and will also directly target to get rid of warts and similar other skin infections.


Does not leave any side effect- Being crafted from natural ingredients, this medication does not come with any side effects. Not only does it treats your skin, but also ensures that it resumes its original texture at the earliest.


Additional benefits- Wartrol also comes with a set of additional benefits. Besides treating and preventing the outbursts of common warts and genital warts, this product also clears the very root of infection that leads to the warts. It strengthens your immunity and ensures that you do not experience any issues related to warts anytime soon. The product is also incredibly effective in treating digestive ailments. Once you take it from time to time, you will be surprised to find that all your gastric problems have reduced significantly. Wartrol also naturally purifies your blood and is not painful at all. Use this product for a holistic skin treatment and for an overall good health and wellbeing.


Extremely affordable- Unlike other natural home remedy kits and surgeries that usually cost a whopping amount, wartrol is available at a highly affordable rate. It is easy to apply and is available in almost all leading online pharmacy portals.


Comes with a money back guarantee- This is another reason why you should actually splurge in wartrol. The product comes with a money back guarantee which means, you can get your invested amount back, if the product doesn’t offer you the anticipated result. This adds to the products reliability and further indicates how much the manufacturers trust their brand.


Cons of using wartrol


Results take time to yield- If you are looking out for something that would render overnight results; then wartrol is not the best product for you. This is not a miracle or magic medication which will treat you immediately. Just like any authentic and well established product, it takes time to treat you completely. When I used wartrol, it took me almost two weeks to be completely treated from common warts, and about six weeks to be treated from the signs and discomfort of genital warts.


The product is only available for online purchase- The availability is another con of Wartrol. The medication is produced in limited amounts and you won’t really find it in your local stores. The product is only available in select online outlets.


Does wartrol really work?


Wartrol is made of natural ingredients, and experts continue to claim that the ingredients used here are incredibly beneficial when it comes to treating warts. If you browse online, you will come across several positive feedbacks and since I have used the product, I believe every one of them. I had hardly used this medication for two weeks after which the warts disappeared completely. So if you are someone who is looking for a similar solution, then this is one product that will never disappoint you.


How does it work?


Wartrol is one of the most preferred and widely adapted treatments for curing warts, and genital warts in particular. Genital warts are a prevalent condition in both men and women and it is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or the HPV. HPV treatment can be convened both by surgical and natural methods. However, due to the high risks and extravagant costs of the surgeries, a contemporary natural approach is being incorporated for the treatment. Wartrol is one such contemporary natural approach that treats warts and provides roper and consistent relief against the symptoms of the ailment.


The product is more of a homeopathic formula which is used for treating your issues against genital warts. It has been specifically formulated for treating your condition. The product comes with active ingredients which again targets the warts and ensures that the virus is destroyed completely. Usually available in the variant of a liquid spray, the product claims to trigger the herpeset ingredients that quickly absorbs on your blood stream via your digestive tract. It works almost in the process of a vaccine. Right after applying it on your affected area, it will almost immediately enter in your blood stream. As it already comes with a series of natural ingredients, they play into designing antibodies which further go into destroying the warts. The product also strengthens your immune system such that you are not affected by this ailment in the long run. As we already mentioned, the product is rich in active natural ingredients like wild yellow indigo, the black sulphide of antimony, extracts from the tree of life, potassium hydrate extracts and nitric acid. These individual ingredients combine with each other and work to improve your overall condition where warts are eliminated completely.


Is wartrol a scam?


Owing to its widespread popularity, certain people have doubted the authenticity of this product and have expressed their scepticism suggesting this product to be a scam. However, this is far from reality. Wartrol is a highly authentic product and is not a scam. The rumours suggesting the product to be a scam are either fuelled by competitors or some users who have used only for a day, expecting magical results overnight. People are further sceptical about this, as they feel that wartrol being a homeopathic treatment does not have the power to treat warts like allopathic treatments or surgeries. However, this too is not a valid fact. I have used the product and have been truly amazed with the numerous benefits that it comes with. It helped me get rid of my genital warts in as less as six weeks. As a result, I consider this to be a highly genuine and authentic product for everyone who is looking to find a treatment for their warts quickly and easily. The product does not come with any side effects and is indeed one of the most powerful treatments against this skin disease. This is further backed by its active ingredients that contain the right properties that go into healing warts. The ingredients specifically target the HPV virus and work against it effectively.


Wartrol is considered to be highly credible because it is both natural and safe. The individuals using this haven’t experienced any side effects, and owing to its numerous benefits, they are truly satisfied with the results.


To add to this, leading channels and authoritative web portals too have featured this medication. The product has indeed been featured on leading channels like Fox, CNN News, CBS and even ABC news. All of these channels have claimed that the medication renders amazing results in treating warts. Although it does take a significant chunk of time (one to six weeks), but the results are truly up to your expectations.


Ingredients of Wartrol


Wartrol is a completely authentic product which is made from natural ingredients. It is manufactured by a leading healthcare company that also rolls out similar healthcare products. The ingredients that go into making wartrol are completely safe and are also scientifically proven to be highly effective. The product is made of salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, extracts of hydroxypropyl cellulose, polysorbate-90, an amount of ethyl alcohol and flexible collodion. Sallycylic acid is present at 17 and is one of the most active ingredients of the product. This acid can also be individually applied on the warts. To begin with, you will have to apply it on your affected area. Now take a pumice stone and rub it all along in order to get rid of the dead skin cells. Add a dash of alcohol to the stone and apply it on the wart-prone zone this will help you to apply the salicylic acid better. Now cover the wart with a duct tape and keep it covered for about 6 days. On the evening of the 6th day the wart will fall off. If it doesn’t, repeat the entire procedure. When backed by the other active ingredients, this acid helps in fighting various skin conditions including the HPV virus.


Wild yellow indigo is another extremely essential ingredient of Wartrol. It is a flower that grows in the south eastern parts of Canada, and although it is considered to be toxic, the amount of it in wartrol plays a vital role in treating warts. Potassium hydrate which further goes into making the product is best known for its healing properties which comes to great action in treating warts. The product also comes with arbor vitae which along with nitric acid help in recovering wounds and treating your skin from warts. All the ingredients are used in the right dose, and they do not incur any side effect at all.


Current offer and cost of wartrol


Now that you know almost everything about wartrol and are planning to buy it anytime soon, here is a detailed insight on its cost. In the following section, you will find everything that you wanted to know about the cost and the current packages of wartrol.


Tier one package- This is the first package which will give you a month’s supply of wartrol. This package will come with one bottle of the medication, priced at $49.


Tier two package- If you are someone who needs to apply wartrol on a regular basis, then package is definitely worth a shot. The package will offer you a three month supply of wartrol where you will even get one bottle free of cost. So if you subscribe to this package you will end up saving almost $50 which is the price of one bottle. Currently, this package is available for $99 and it does not have any additional charges for shipping.


Tier three package- This is the most cost effective package from the entire lot. However, it is a limited time offer and you can only avail it when you purchase it from the official link of wartrol. If warts have spread over a large part of your body then this is one package that is going to meet your requirements. It comes with three bottles of wartrol, where you get two additional bottles completely free of cost. The package is priced at $149.85 and it does not have any charge for shipping.


Final verdict


So if you are looking for a proper, authentic and natural way to treat warts, Wartrol Wart Remover is indeed a viable option.